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 Today we have a very busy world. When taking music lessons never compare, it's not a race on who will finish first. I always felt that if you are proud of yourself, then you will be satisfied with life. You will not need any other supplement to turn to for happiness. Out of 400 million people in United States, only 16 million people can play a musical instrument (4% of the 400 million), which makes you feel special! ___________________________________________________ Almost everyone is playing sports (90% in the United States). Will this make you feel special? In sports you have 10% mental and 90% physical. In music, however, you have 10% physical and 90% mental. Again, which one is really worth it and will pay off for the rest of your life? ___________________________________________________ Most all people of all ages can figure out what you can do with a ball, a bat and a glove, but for most people looking at a sheet of music or a musical instrument will find it is impossible to comprehend, because they can not understand anything about it. ___________________________________________________ You become special to all people of ALL ages, because you will always throughout your life be able to be complimented by others that wish they could also play a musical instrument like you! We play music not only for ourselves, but for putting a smile on others!!!! MUSIC BECOMES A LIFETIME GIFT FOR EVERYONE Professor Dick Renock

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This is a close up of a keyboard player practicing the keyboard.
This is an A1 Music Studio student playing the electric guitar.
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